MicroCurrent Facial Toning

MicroCurrent Facial Toning
The Electric Facelift


This facial is designed to help fight the signs of aging. MicroCurrent is completely safe, and treatments are not invasive. In fact, only a very gentle sensation is experienced and treatments are extremely relaxing. 60 – 90 min.


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Results with MicroCurrent are:

  • Diminished appearance of fine lines
  • Smoother, firmer skin
  • Hydrated and Revitalized Skin
  • Improved Elasticity
  • Improved Facial Contour
  • Featured on the Oprah Winfrey Show




What is it and how does it work?

As “baby boomers” age, more advancements are being made in anti-aging products to meet their needs.Electronic facial machines, which are designed to tighten and tone sagging facial muscles, are no exception.

The latest facial toning machines us “micro current” technology and are one of the hottest things in the anti-aging industry right now. There’s a good reason that these machines are so popular.Using micro current impulses, they give almost instant, visible results to tighten, tone, and firm aging skin. In fact, the results from micro current facial toning are so dramatic that they are often referred to as “no surgical face lifts”.  Oprah Winfrey even featured this new technology on her show.

Just how does micro current facial toning work?  To understand that, we first need to understand what causes our facial skin to wrinkle and sag.  As we age, our muscles become accustomed to certain expressions and tend to “stick” in these positions.  A great example of this is the furrow between the eyebrows that many people get.  At the same time, other muscles in our face are hardly ever used, and they begin to atrophy, which leads to sagging.  An example of this can often be seen around our jaw lines, chins and necks where we tend to develop sagging or loss of definition as we get older.bt micro

Micro current facial toning machines sends safe, painless impulses to the muscles in your face that help overly-tightened muscles to relax and helps under worked muscles to regain strength.  In essence, micro current facial toning “re-educates” the facial muscles and restores them back almost to their original shape. When this happens the visible results are quite dramatic and the face is lifted, firmed and toned back to a much more youthful appearance.  At the same time, the micro currents improve circulation to your face which stimulates production of collagen, improves tone and texture, and improves or eliminated fine lines.

Besides the fact that it really works, one of the things that makes micro current facial toning so popular is that most people see visible results after just a single treatment.  This gives “instant gratification” which is seen so rarely as a result of other anti-aging products or techniques.  In fact, the results are so noticeable that if you only treat half your face one time you can see a visible difference between the halt you treated and the half you didn’t.

Although micro current facial toning is the current “buzzword” in anti-aging, the technology is not new.  It has over 50 years of historical data and clinical trials that back up its anti-aging benefits. That’s a great piece of mind that shows not only will it work, but also that it is safe and does not have long term side effects.

Micro current facial toning is a great alternative to getting a face lift since it is non-invasive, does not require any recovery time, gives instant results, and does not have the same potential for harmful complication as surgery does.